Author: Peggy Prescott

Five common mistakes people make during a car accident


It’s not uncommon for one in every household to be involved in a car accident! And often, one tends to make some of the most common mistakes which land them into problems later. Read on to know more about the errors people make and why one should refrain from committing them.

  • Not calling the police

However grave the situation may be, it is a must to call the police as soon as the accident happens. Most importantly so when one is sure that it’s not their fault! This is so because there will be times when the other person requests one not to call the police and come to a compromise, only to play the victim card later.

  • Not taking pictures

As soon as the accident occurs, one must make sure to click multiple images of the scene- road marks, skid marks, the direction of tires, crossroads- anything significant to the accident. This is so because often, the other people may manipulate the evidence when one is not looking.

  • Not taking time for treatment

Often it happens that after sustaining an injury, one tries to brush it off by saying they will be fine, thereby not getting full medical treatment. And some may think that the hospital bill will be too high, or that the insurance fee will increase. It is impertinent that one avoids this mistake because insurance companies will do anything to undervalue one’s claims.

  • Not using one’s car insurance for medical insurance

People also often make the mistake of not using their car insurance for medical insurance. It is essential to know that in cases where one sustains injuries, one has benefits under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, which covers medical insurance as well.

  • Not assessing the report from the police

Often it so happens that the police officer makes mistakes in their report, which can be a problem while claiming insurance. After all, to err is human! Therefore one must make sure to go through it thoroughly and make the necessary changes if any.

Whether it be a minor or major accident, it is vital that one handles the situation well and refrain from making these mistakes in order to ensure a hassle-free scenario later.